Women’s History Month

For most of history Anonymous was a woman. ~Virginia Woolf   The history of humanity has often been told through the words and deeds of men. This one sided tale often leaves people with the impression that women haven't contributed as much or as profoundly to society as their male counterparts. This couldn't be further... Continue Reading →



Thanksgiving is almost here! This is a day to reflect on and be grateful for all the people, places, and things that make your life happy and comfortable. And then the next day you can fight off the hordes of humanity all vying for the last 55" flat screen TV at $40 at the local... Continue Reading →

Banned Books Week

They said we shouldn't read that. They said we couldn't read that! They said it was indecent, immoral, it was not suitable for children, teenagers, adults -- or basically, people. We said... and read it anyway. Welcome to Banned Books Week at the Northwest Vista Library! Come and browse our collection of books that were... Continue Reading →

Hispanic Heritage Month

In case you've missed it, it's National Hispanic Heritage Month! We've been celebrating all week here at the library and have put out a rather impressive display (if we do say so ourselves) of books, movies, and cds, all celebrating the Hispanic and Latin heritage. In case you've missed it, it's National Hispanic Heritage Month!wg... Continue Reading →

Fotoseptiembre 2017

  Fotoseptiembre , which is a community based photography festival, is in full force this month in and around San Antonio. Founded hereĀ in SanĀ Antonio, it celebrates a wide variety of photographers. Check out the Fotoseptiember website for a schedule of events. The library has a Fotoseptiembre display for the month as well featuring a selection... Continue Reading →

Celebrate Women’s History Month @ NVC!

Don't miss: Tomorrow there is a writing workshop at 2 PM in MZH 203. Next Tuesday at 11 AM in MZH 203, Laura Thompson (former District 120 Texas State representative) will discuss women in politics and political self-efficacy. The library has ongoing displays with featured books and DVDs to celebrate. And, bring in some women's... Continue Reading →

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