American Heart Month

Did you know that February is American Heart Month?  This coincides perfectly with those resolutions we all made last month to eat better, exercise, and lose weight.  This is great because a nutritious diet, regular exercise, and weight loss are some of the ways you can prevent heart disease.  So, take a look at all of the wonderful resources that the library has to offer on the topic of heart health!

prevent&reverse                Mayo Clinic heart book          Mayo Clinic wellness solutions for heart health                         hidden epidemic    Take a load off your heart

Women & Heart Disease

It’s a common misconception that heart disease is a man’s illness.  Think again.  Women are at risk for heart disease also.  Find out more about the American Heart Association’s Campaign to Go Red for Women.

Then, have a look at some of the library’s resources:

cardio                 Take it to heart                Women are not small men


Now let’s look at the key components to preventing heart disease:

Diet & Weight — Eat nutritious foods to avoid putting on those extra pounds.  Being overweight is not good for heart health. Need help in that area?  Here are some resources from our collection that you should find helpful!

Everything-Whole-Grain-High-Fiber-Cookbook            reality diet            Mayo Clinic diet                       You, losing weightforks-over-knives

Cholesterol & Blood Pressure — Manage your cholesterol and blood pressure, because high cholesterol and high blood pressure are both contributors to heart disease.  Check out some of our books and DVDs on these topics!

the-complete-idiot-s-guide-to-lowering-your-cholesterol            The-Everything-Low-Cholesterol-Book            Harvard Medical School guide to lowering your cholesterol                            Taking charge of high blood pressure         Mayo Clinic Wellness Solutions for high blood pressure

Exercise — Exercise can help you lose unwanted weight, and it strengthens the cardio vascular system.  Keep things interesting with your workout routine by checking out some of our exercise DVDs.  Dance your way to a healthy heart! 

Dancing with the stars. Cardio dance The firm. Cardio dance fusion  Dance and be fit. Latin groovehip hop

Looking for a place to exercise here on campus? 

Check out the NVC Fitness Center  and the Gym and Track.  And, for more activities, be sure to go to the NVC Recreation Sports Facebook page.


We at the Northwest Vista Library hope that you find our resources helpful on your path to better health! 

This information was taken from the CDC website, February is American Heart Month


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