Comics and Manga and Librarians, oh my!

Alright, I can’t hold my tongue any longer.  Someone needs to say it, so it may as well be me.  Comics/Manga/Graphic Novels ROCK.  I love them!  I love reading them online, in the newspaper, in novel form, any way that I can get them.  If there is a newspaper around, I will always go to the comic section.  You know the one.  I don’t care if it is Prince Valiant or Brewster Rockit:Space Guy.  I will read it (I prefer Brewster Rockit…).

My first stop for comics and manga is to check out my library.  The NVC library has some excellent comics/manga to choose from, such as:

Cowboys & Aliens
Faeries’ Landing
Tim Burton’s
Nightmare Before Christmas

The San Antonio Public Library also has a ton of great stuff. Definitely check them out (! In fact, they were so kind as to stop by our library for Geek Week with some comics and manga! Thank you SAPL!
Geek Week is now over, but we will see you again next year! How did you all like it? Leave us some feedback!


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