Why I Love Libraries

This week is National Library Week – which is an annual event that celebrates libraries, librarians and library workers nationwide. So we thought it would be fitting to collect responses to “Why I Love Libraries…” and publish some of the wonderful words of faculty and staff here on campus who love libraries! Enjoy!

— Libraries exemplify the very best in us. They are examples of a genuine distribution of power and wealth – they are often supported publically (in the US), open to the public, and even provide assistance to help use the vast reserves of material. Imagine another service that is so ancient and magnanomous! – not just in the short term, (such as disaster relief) but for a life – providing wealth to the poor, hungry, disenfranchised, rich and masterful alike — a service whose benefits can’t be recinded by the next government, housing association, ethnic conflict. Once you’ve learned something, its yours, and even if you don’t retain the details – the dendrites have been opened – you’re richer. That is so profound, so generous of us as a tribe – it makes me proud to be human. — Catherine Pell, Faculty, Art

— The resources are great. The facilities are great. But what I love about the NVC library are the people who work there! They make me feel at home. It is clear they are there to help anyone and everyone – even me – who comes in the door. I appreciate their customer-focus. — Jim Lievens, Coordinator of Organizational Learning

 — I find treasures in the library…more than I can handle at one sitting and many I return to time and time again! — Raquel Beechner, Faculty, Art

— …my first memory of the library was when I was a young child. You see, my first language was Spanish so when I walked into one all I could do was smile – my thirst for learning more English was so great I just sat on the floor looking at all the picture books I could find. — Nancy Guevara, Administrative Secretary

— On the side of our nation’s first library are the words: “The Commonwealth Requires the Education of the People as the Safeguard of Order and Liberty.” I used to pass this inscription on my way to work, each day falling more in love with its message. The engraving seemed to sum up the importance of learning and literature as part of America’s past and future. This is why I love libraries, because they’re the starting place for education and everything that it brings. — Barbara Perez, Faculty, English

— My favorite thing about the library is the books.  I have been going to libraries for as long as I can remember, and the smell of books alone is enough to take back in time.  One day all the actual books in the library will be gone.  Until that day is a reality, the best thing about the library will always be the books. — Joe Rodriguez, Faculty, English

— The NVC library staff are much more than librarians. They have sponsored events on campus such as Geek Week and the Zombie Walk and discussions which featured an award winning local author. They are always very receptive to requests from staff, students and faculty. — Gary Bowling, Coordinator of Student Development

— I love the NVC librarians and I appreciate all their hard work.  I know they are doing a great job because of all the interesting comments my students make after a library vist.  Be it Nancy ‘s sense of humor, Linda’s jokes or Judy’s willingness to help, my students always leave with a positive experience.  Thank you! — Kahala Crayton, Faculty, Speech

— I love the NVC library and the librarians that work there. One of my first contacts with them many years ago was when I was involved in doing some “action research.” I requested a book on “action research” that I knew was good. A short while later, the librarian to whom I made the request told me that the book was in and she had ordered a few other books on the subject that she thought would be of interest to me. Since I did not know any of the librarians then, it impressed me that they were willing to go the extra mile without even being asked. — Ron Wojnar, Faculty, Coordinator of Digital Video & Cinema Production

— As a child, I experienced the limits that living in a poor, rural town places on a person’s experiences.  But every week, when my father would take me to the library, I hopped on a virtual plane and discovered a larger world with bespectacled tour guides.  Libraries and their guardians introduce you to people, places, and ideas beyond your geographic boundaries.  Sitting in between stacks of books, I could be content for hours learning, feeling, and imagining.  I remember the feeling of responsibility when I applied for my very own library card.  I ran my fingers over the raised metal attached to the paper card again and again.  The knowledge was mine to bring home.  In grade school, I found I loved the space so much, that I volunteered to shelve books every Wednesday morning.  I picked up each plastic covered volume, and just before I slid it into its appointed slot, I snuck a peek inside and made a note if I wanted to retrieve it later.   Today, I still find myself drawn to those narrow rows of bound bounty.  The silent wandering still feels like hunting for buried treasure.  I credit the library and the many kind people who worked there with much of the success and happiness I have found in my life.  In the age of the internet, we take free knowledge for granted, but I remember and value not only the knowledge, but the people who acted as my guides through it.  — Mary Dixon, Dean of Interdisciplinary Studies

— The NVC library offers our students a multitude of information that can be used in research papers and projects.  I love that our librarians are available to teach our students how to navigate the different resources and how to properly research topics.  Students are quick to Google everything and that can lead to unreliable sources and misinformation.  I just recently had a librarian do a class for my biology students so they can begin research on their project. It was entertaining to see students make comments like “wow, this has everything I need” or “I didn’t know that was there” and getting excited that they could find all the information from one convenient place, the library! JoAnn Gonzales, Faculty, Biology

— THANKS, NVC LIBRARIANS! NVC librarians make trips to the library a pleasant and non-threatening experience for students who may have never visited a library. Thanks to our friendly and down-to-earth librarians, the atmosphere at the NVC library is conducive to learning and student interaction. Do yourself a favor, contact NVC librarians whenever you need assistance with a project involving research or need help locating a particular resource! — Alicia Paez, Faculty, English and Reading

Thank you to everyone who contributed – your words are beautiful and truly show the many different reasons libraries will always be a vital part of our community and our nation.


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