Spend your summer reading!

Now that the school year is at a close and you have a little more free time why not spend that time reading? You know, making yourself smarter 🙂

Maybe youre finally able to relax and enjoy a little frivolous fiction?

6304335[1]   11699055[2]   11746513[1]

Maybe your goal is to read all the fiction books that have ever won a pullitzer prize?

2657[1]   2165[1]   8584686[1]

Maybe you want to read up on someone famous and influential?

13425638[1]   12722468[2]   8695301[2]

Maybe you want to read all those classic books you hear mentioned everywhere but have no idea what they are talking about?

7848[1]   5107[2]   656[1]  

Maybe you want to start a book club to help keep you motivated to read and be social at the same time?

1235044[1]   209360[1]   672209[1]

Maybe you have a young (or young-ish) child or friend that you want to encourage to read? Here are some books that will help you find the best books to start them with:

245220[1]   5936233[1]   636039[1]

Need more convincing about why reading is so important in this day and age? :

Why Reading Matters: Holisitic Study for the Digital Age

8518218[2]   13755883[1]

Need more ideas on what books you might want to read? These two books have tons more ideas:

1010658[1]   2285641[1]

This is just a small sampling of what the library has for you! And, as always, you can stop by the Reference Desk here in the library or give us a call at 486-4513 and we will be happy to help you find more books to read! 🙂

P.S. — And remember, you can also visit your local public library branch to see their great summer reading programs for children, teens and adults starting on June 1st.


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