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Banned Books Week 2016


September 25 – October 1 is Banned Books Week – the week that we celebrate all the freedom we have read anything we want, completely unrestricted! However, there are still many people who would like certain books to not be available due to what they consider controversial or unacceptable ideas found in them  — hard to believe that even in this day and age this is happening! There were many books that were challenged in 2015 , some of which we have here in our library at NVC.

Stop by the library this week and see our incredible Banned Book interactive display where you can have your mugshot taken while reading a banned book! #bannedbooksweek2016

We are also going to have a banned books scavenger hunt starting tomorrow (Tuesday) — come and hunt for clues that will lead you all the banned books we have in our library collection!

Plus tons of other great displays and of course the chance to actually check out and read a banned book!



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Constitution Day – Voter Registration – Fall 2016

ca. 1990 --- The signatures at the bottom of the Constitution of the United States of America. --- Image by © Joseph Sohm/Visions of America/Corbis

ca. 1990 — The signatures at the bottom of the Constitution of the United States of America. — Image by © Joseph Sohm/Visions of America/Corbis


229 years ago today, on September 17th, 1787 our founding fathers signed the United States Constitution —  Constitution Day is celebrated every year nationwide as a way to mark that momentous occasion.

Stop by the library and see our interactive display and learn a little bit more about our wonderful nation’s Constitution!



Also you can stop by Huisache Hall for a Constitution Day event with free cupcakes and voter registration forms!




Take this time to make sure you are ready to vote in the upcoming presidential election in November  — we have Texas Voter Application forms at the Reference Desk too — you just need to make sure you get registered at least 30 days before the general election date — check here for deadlines


Here are some great resources to make sure you are informed voter – go check them out!

A great website for all information relating to voting in Texas and also how to register online:

Factual, non-partisan information on politicians —

Watch government live, U.S. House and Senate proceedings with no editing  on C-Span:

Great source for unbiased, non-partisan information on controversial issues, which this election definitely is!

The classic site devoted to inspiring young people to exercise their constitutional right to vote —    Rock the Vote

Want to double-check the validity of what the candidates are saying?  Go to – this website is a “nonpartisan, nonprofit “consumer advocate” for voters that aims to reduce the level of deception and confusion in U.S. politics.

Want to learn more about any of the issues being debated in the elections – go to some of our online databases like Points of View Reference Center, Opposing Viewpoints in Context, Facts on File: Issues & Controversies — credible reliable information through your campus library is available 24/7 !!

So GO OUT & VOTE! and come by the library if you want to learn even more!






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