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Celebrate Women’s History Month @ NVC!

Don’t miss:

  • Tomorrow there is a writing workshop at 2 PM in MZH 203.
  • Next Tuesday at 11 AM in MZH 203, Laura Thompson (former District 120 Texas State representative) will discuss women in politics and political self-efficacy.

The library has ongoing displays with featured books and DVDs to celebrate.

And, bring in some women’s hygiene products to donate any time this month.  There are blue boxes in most of the buildings on campus (two in the library)!  All donations will go to Haven for Hope.



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International Game Day – Take 3?

Feeling a bit frazzled?


Then come to the library this Saturday from 9-12 to unwind with some board games!  Test out some brand new games or some old favorites.  Challenge a friend (or the librarian).  Nothing kicks stress/frazzle butt like a good fist shake!

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Show Us Some Love!

Help us show Texas that we love our libraries!  Today is Texas Library Snapshot Day at NVC Library.  Stop by and take a selfie with Elvira (#NVCLibrary).  Fill out a survey:

Created by Usbkabel

We look forward to seeing you!

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Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere (and not a drop to drink?)

I love October!  The weather is starting to get colder…apple cider is being offered all over the place…and the B-Movie Contest is back!  WOOOHOOO!!  We had some really great entries last year.  We hope to get more this year!

B-Movie Contest Rules and Help

To help your creative juices flow, here’s a very short movie some NVC employees made using a laptop, a video app, a wig, a mask, a knife, and about five minutes.

This video did not follow all of the criteria listed on the guide.  We didn’t have a storyline/arc – so we’d lose points for that.  We know you can make something even better than this and we’d love to see it.

Pumpkins.  There – we did talk about pumpkins.  This post even has a pumpkin/gourd frog in it.

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B-Movie Contest and Marathon!!!!

Second annual B-Movie Contest and Marathon!!! We are so excited about it, that we can’t stop using the exclamation mark!! We hope you are, too!
Check out our guide for more information about contest rules, previous entries, marathon details, and more:
We’re still looking for judges and video entries.

We’ve already started getting ready…have you?!

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Love Is In the Air…Is That Why I’m Sneezing?!

February is here and we’re celebrating Relationship Wellness in the library!  Woo hoo!  Let’s get started with some quick quizzes:

Healthy vs. Unhealthy Relationships – the quick version
(BTW, these signs can apply to any relationship – dating, married, friends, parents, children, etc.)

In a healthy relationship:

  • Both people feel respected, supported, and valued
  • Decisions are made together
  • Both people have friends and interests outside of the relationship
  • Disagreements are settled with open and honest communication
  • There are more good times than bad

In an unhealthy relationship:

  • One person tries to change the other
  • One person makes most or all of the decisions
  • One or both people drop friends and interests outside of the relationship
  • One person yells, threatens, hits, or throws things during arguments
  • One person makes fun of the other’s opinions or interests
  • One person keeps track of the other all the time by calling, texting, or checking in with friends
  • There are more bad times than good

This is taken from – Talk with Your Teen about Healthy Relationships

Want more information?  Check out our Relationship Wellness Guide or visit the Student Wellness Center!

Cheesy Dragon Love Puns
Cheesy Dragon Love Puns by DrivenSphere on deviantART

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International Games Day 2013

Are you free this Saturday?  Need a break from studying?  Want to find a new challenge?  Stop by the library for International Games Day!  We’ll have board games, card games, and more.  Come play someone new or learn a new game or create a new game or bring your own console.  Libraries across the world will be participating in similar activities.

Some of the games include:

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! (we have some demo packs or you can bring your own)
  • Tapple
  • Cross Ways
  • Monopoly
  • Clue
  • UNO
  • Dominoes
  • Chess
  • Checkers
  • Euchre
  • Pinochle

For more information about International Games Day:

Stop by!  Let me show you the awesomeness that is Euchre…or discover how awesome Yu-Gi-Oh! truly is…or just come have some fun.

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Donate Your Body to Library Science

Today is NVC’s library snapshot day! Donate your body to library science by stopping in the NVC library. We are conducting a short survey…and you shall be rewarded with candy or a bookmark.
Or, if you can’t make it physically to the library…take this really short survey.

Texas Snapshot Day

Libraries across Texas will be holding snapshot days during the month of October. The data is used to answer the question – What happens in a single day in your library? The images and statistics are used to promote Texas libraries.

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Feeling Frazzled? Chillax, brah.

Paper due tomorrow?!?!  Finals coming up too soon?!?!

We’ve got tips to help you out.

Not sure when your final exam is?  Check the Spring 2013 Final Exam Schedule

Here are a few quick tips for making finals just a little better:

  1. Plan your schedule as best as you can – plan time to study and time to relax – keep your expectations realistic
  2. Take care of your physical self – plan to sleep, eat well, take breaks (listen to music, pet an animal, and/or talk to someone), stay hydrated, and take a moment to exercise
  3. Take advantage of the NVC resources that are available to you- library, open labs, writing and math labs, CaTS, tutoring, faculty office hours, study groups, and much more

Some Library Relief (we got your back):

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Comics and Manga and Librarians, oh my!

Alright, I can’t hold my tongue any longer.  Someone needs to say it, so it may as well be me.  Comics/Manga/Graphic Novels ROCK.  I love them!  I love reading them online, in the newspaper, in novel form, any way that I can get them.  If there is a newspaper around, I will always go to the comic section.  You know the one.  I don’t care if it is Prince Valiant or Brewster Rockit:Space Guy.  I will read it (I prefer Brewster Rockit…).

My first stop for comics and manga is to check out my library.  The NVC library has some excellent comics/manga to choose from, such as:

Cowboys & Aliens
Faeries’ Landing
Tim Burton’s
Nightmare Before Christmas

The San Antonio Public Library also has a ton of great stuff. Definitely check them out (! In fact, they were so kind as to stop by our library for Geek Week with some comics and manga! Thank you SAPL!
Geek Week is now over, but we will see you again next year! How did you all like it? Leave us some feedback!

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