Celebrate Women’s History Month @ NVC!

Don't miss: Tomorrow there is a writing workshop at 2 PM in MZH 203. Next Tuesday at 11 AM in MZH 203, Laura Thompson (former District 120 Texas State representative) will discuss women in politics and political self-efficacy. The library has ongoing displays with featured books and DVDs to celebrate. And, bring in some women's... Continue Reading →


International Game Day – Take 3?

Feeling a bit frazzled? Stressed? Then come to the library this Saturday from 9-12 to unwind with some board games!  Test out some brand new games or some old favorites.  Challenge a friend (or the librarian).  Nothing kicks stress/frazzle butt like a good fist shake!

Love Is In the Air…Is That Why I’m Sneezing?!

February is here and we're celebrating Relationship Wellness in the library!  Woo hoo!  Let's get started with some quick quizzes: Healthy Relationship Quiz from loveisrespect.org Relationship Trust Quiz from Greater Good Science Center Healthy vs. Unhealthy Relationships - the quick version (BTW, these signs can apply to any relationship - dating, married, friends, parents, children,... Continue Reading →

International Games Day 2013

Are you free this Saturday?  Need a break from studying?  Want to find a new challenge?  Stop by the library for International Games Day!  We'll have board games, card games, and more.  Come play someone new or learn a new game or create a new game or bring your own console.  Libraries across the world... Continue Reading →

Donate Your Body to Library Science

Today is NVC's library snapshot day! Donate your body to library science by stopping in the NVC library. We are conducting a short survey...and you shall be rewarded with candy or a bookmark. Or, if you can't make it physically to the library...take this really short survey. Libraries across Texas will be holding snapshot days... Continue Reading →

Feeling Frazzled? Chillax, brah.

Paper due tomorrow?!?!  Finals coming up too soon?!?! We've got tips to help you out. Not sure when your final exam is?  Check the Spring 2013 Final Exam Schedule Here are a few quick tips for making finals just a little better: Plan your schedule as best as you can - plan time to study... Continue Reading →

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